How to make your home, your happy place

How do you feel when you enter your front door? Is your home a welcoming sanctuary or just a place to store your stuff and lay your head? If it’s more the latter, there are heaps of things you can do to make your home feel like a place of happiness and comfort.

Whether you have full control over your décor and home layout or have to keep your landlord happy, here are some ways to ensure that your living environment makes you feel great.

Let the light in

Let’s start with an easy one. One of the most powerful things we can do to elevate our mood do is to let light into our homes, so open the curtains or blinds and enjoy the sunlight streaming in through the windows. If your place does not have large windows or is oriented in a way that does not catch the light, there is a lot you can do with mirrors to bounce light around and open up a space.

Experiment with the furniture placement

Another easy trick is to play around with your furniture placement. Think laterally – could that dining table be moved over to that spot overlooking the garden? Would the couch be better against that far wall? Try to create ‘spaces’ for yourself that suit your needs and the way you live – for example, do you need a cosy nook to relax in, a clear space to exercise or a work/study area (that’s not the kitchen bench!).


One thing that is appealing in an interior is a sense of space and openness. If you look around and your place is full of “stuff” have a think about decluttering and getting rid of things that don’t bring you joy. Most councils have hard rubbish collections either at a particular time of the year or that you can book in advance. There are also companies that specialise in helping people get rid of items they don’t need and it can be worth the cost to free yourself and your home of clutter.

That does not mean you have to flip to full minimalist and live in a white box – in fact, surrounding yourself with objects that evoke happy memories can be very mood-enhancing. So, get out those old photos and stick them in a frame or pull out the mementos you picked up on that fantastic holiday and put them on display.

Make it a feast for the senses

If you want to go a step further, you can do more than surround yourself with happy memories. For a home that’s mood-enhancing, think about creating an immersive home environment that appeals to all your senses.

Sight: For visual appeal, decide what colours make you feel good. You don’t have to paint all the walls, just including the colours that appeal to you in your décor can work, whether that be bright vibrant colours that make you feel energised and alive or more subdued colours that make you feel calm and peaceful.

Smell: Aromas can have a strong impact on your emotional state. If you’ve got pets or issues with damp make sure you’ve got adequate ventilation to ensure that you’re not masking nasty smells using scents. Think about using candles or oil burners or just a bunch of fresh herbs in the kitchen to make the whole place smell lovely!

Touch: Don’t underestimate the power of touch to add a sense of comfort to your home. Surround yourself with soft rugs underfoot, tactile cushions to lie back on, or splash out on new bedlinen and bath towels to give your place that ‘5-star hotel’ feel.

Plant it up

Plants in your living space can purify the air and improve your health, as well as your state of mind. Being surrounded by green, growing things has been proven to be a mood enhancer and there is satisfaction in nurturing something and watching it grow.

So have a look around at your place and if your abode is a bit of a downer, take some steps today to make your home a place you enjoy coming home to!

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